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Guarding 1000-pound bombs

Manning the searchlights in Britain

Germans writing messages on bombs -- "A greeting from the death squadron", "One must give gifts to those he loves"

A stag's view of war

The moment WW2 began -- German soldiers remove barrier at border with Poland and begin invasion -- Sept. 1, 1939

Largest conventional bombs of World War II
(Hiroshima atomic bomb was the equivalent of 26 million lbs)

T-12 Cloudmaker 44,000 lb bomb, developed by USA for use by the B-36 bomber, but war ended before it could be used

British bomb types
(top to bottom) 22,000 lb, 2 types of 12,000 lb, 8,000 lb with 40 lb on top, 1,900 lb and 2,000 lb

Night raid on Bremen, Germany

British boy collects souvenirs from downed German plane

Searchlights on Gibraltar

USS Arizona, just after being attacked at Pearl Harbor -- Dec. 7, 1941

USS Arizona, resting on the bottom at Pearl Harbor, 3 days after the attack

U.S. Pentagon in the 1940s

Hitler speaking at Volkswagen auto factory, 1938

Hitler in Paris -- June 23, 1940

Eva Braun, Hitler's longtime companion and eventual wife

Hitler on his 50th birthday
-- April, 1939

Memorial to the 96th Heavy Bomb Group of the U.S. Eighth Air Force, at Snetterton Heath, U.K.

Bob Hope in New Guinea -- Aug. 31, 1944

Germany and its occupied territories, 1939

Germany and its occupied territories, 1942

Soviet flag is raised over Reichstag in Berlin -- April 30, 1945

Princess Elizabeth, Britain's future queen, working on a vehicle during the war

British bomb grabber, for use with incendiary bombs (non-explosive firebombs)

Bomb snuffers, for use with incendiary bombs

Aerial view of Auschwitz concentration camp -- August 23, 1944. Smoke from furnaces can be seen rising at left.

Japanese Kamikaze (suicide) pilot attacks USS Missouri. Plane ricocheted harmlessly, but pilot was ejected and his body destroyed part of a gun mount.

The Japanese accept unconditional surrender on Aug. 14, 1945, five days after the 2nd atomic bomb was dropped and following an exchange of messages between the Allied and Japanese governments.

Japanese delegation at surrender ceremony on USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay -- September 2, 1945.

Japanese General Yoshijiro Umezu signs Instrument of Surrender.

Allied aircraft fly over USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay at conclusion of Japanese surrender ceremony.

U. S. World War II Memorial -- Washington, D.C.

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