From The Wall Street Journal
June 8, 2006

X Marks the Spot of Hitler's Bunker

The site of Hitler's bunker was marked publicly for the first time by a historical group trying to demystify one of the Third Reich's most burdened places.

The bunker's ruins lie below a parking lot, playground and adjacent apartment building. The Berlin Underworlds Association unveiled its new marker -- a sign bearing graphics, photos and a chronology of events in both German and English -- at the edge of a sidewalk alongside the tree-dotted parking lot.

"This is one of the most symbolic places in Berlin for the crimes the Nazis committed, and we want to make sure people know the whole truth about it,'' said Sven Felix Kellerhoff, who works with the Berlin Underworlds.

Rochus Misch, a Hitler bodyguard, attended the unveiling. "History can be good or bad, but even if it's about a devil, people must be informed of history," he told the Associated Press. Others, however, fear the location will become a rallying point for Neo-Nazis.