Lyrics to "May God Be With Our Boys Tonight"

Brave eyes that looked so tenderly,
Where are you now today?
Sad was our heart at break of dawn,
After you went away.
Loud sang the lark o’er fields of gold,
High in the heavens above;
Winter alone within our hearts,
Calling for you we love.

O waiting heart, I dare not tell
How dark and long the lane!
Only I pray that God will bring
Our dear ones back again
Safe to a home of peace and light
Across the furthest sea;
May God be with our boys tonight,
Wherever they may be.

Brave ones who answered your country’s call,
How could we let you go
Out of the sunshine of our souls,
Save that we love you so?
There is a place within our hearts
No one on earth may fill;
Someday at last you’ll come back to us,
Watching and longing still!