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Aircraft photos (includes technical specifications)

Aircraft sounds and videos, crew recordings -- Sounds and videos of aircraft in flight, Lancaster crew recordings (these are all located amongst the respective aircraft photos)

Atomic bomb -- Series of links, in chronological order, describing the final days of WW2 in the Pacific, including the dropping of the atomic bombs and the resulting diplomacy which led to Japanese surrender

Aztec Eagles -- News article about the Mexican 201st fighter squadron (Escuadron 201), which flew P-47 fighter planes and was formed after Germany attacked several Mexican ships (includes photos and video)

Battle of Britain video -- A video that tells the story of the Battle of Britain, which was Germany's attempt to occupy Britain during the war

"The Battle of Britain" -- A pamphlet that was issued by the British government in 1941, the year after the battle took place, describing in great detail the tactics used by both sides in the battle

Bombing balloons -- Japanese Fugo bombing balloons

Charlie and his Orchestra -- Nazi propaganda swing music

Enola Gay -- News articles about the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan (includes photos, audio and video files)

Eva Braun:

From Child To Soldier -- The diary of a young man, Hans, who grew up in Nazi Germany and became a soldier in his mid-teens. He met my dad, Marshall, through this Web site, and they corresponded by email until my dad's death in 2005. Hans was a member of a German anti-aircraft battery at about the same time that my dad was flying in B-17s over Germany, and there is a chance that he may have actually fired at my dad's plane

Glacier Girl -- News articles about recovery of a P-38 fighter plane from ice in Greenland and its restoration in the USA (includes photo and video)

Hiroshima -- Some news articles, photos, and audio and video files related to the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan

JB-2 rockets -- USA version of the German V-1 rocket


Lady Moe -- Mascot of the 96th Bomb Group

Lancaster bomber crew recordings -- Audio recordings made by the BBC during actual bombing missions

Little Boy -- News articles, photos, and audio and video files related to the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan

Lord Haw-Haw -- Lord Haw-Haw (William Joyce) sent weekly pro-Nazi propaganda radio broadcasts from Germany to the UK throughout the war (includes his final broadcast)

Medals awarded to Marshall Stelzriede for his wartime service

"Meet the U.S. Army" -- A pamphlet that was issued by the British government during World War II in an attempt to better acquaint the British public with the large numbers of American soldiers who were arriving at military bases in Great Britain in order to do battle against the Axis powers

Miscellaneous photos -- A collection of miscellaneous photos related to WW2

Music of WW1 and WW2 (includes some radio broadcasts and speeches)

Nazi propaganda:

News articles and miscellaneous items of interest

Personal accounts and stories -- News articles describing personal WW2 experiences


Pilot Training Manual -- excerpts from the official B-17 Pilot Training Manual

Poetry -- Some WW2 poetry

Posters -- WW2 patriotic/propaganda posters

Radio broadcasts from WW2, including speeches by Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Neville Chamberlain, Charles Lindbergh, etc.

Technical specifications for WW2 aircraft

"Three Years Over Europe" -- An article from the September 1945 issue of 'Air Force' magazine, the official service journal of the U.S. Army Air Forces, that discusses the role played by American airpower in the WW2 European theater. Although the article emphasizes the American contributions to the war effort, it also discusses the actions of all parties, both Allied and Axis, and presents an excellent summary of the role airpower played in the ultimate outcome of the war.

Tinian Island -- Some photos of the island where the atomic bomb attacks on Japan were based and some atomic bomb photos

V-rockets -- German V-1 and V-2 rockets (photos, audio and video files)

World War II documentary video -- a video which gives a good summary of the events leading up to World War II in Europe and also summarizes the events of the war itself

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