Long-Range Transport Flights

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The photos on this page were taken exclusively on the first of my transport flights, the mission to Moscow. These are the last photos that I took on my tour of duty.

Egyptian pyramids

After arrival at Teheran

The major, "honorary" member of crew. Pilot and co-pilot standing near plane

Pilot, the major, and co-pilot

L-R Marshall Stelzriede, pilot Roy Ellis-Brown, and co-pilot James Dwyer, in park at Teheran

Russian guards looking at Life Magazine. The one second from left was a Russian officer who came out to make sure the two soldiers weren't looking at something they shouldn't be.

Statues in park at Teheran

Time to rest in Teheran

Headed for Caucasus Mountains in American weapons carrier

Resort in Caucasus often frequented by Shah of Iran

Government building in Caucasus about 50 miles from Russian border

Looking back on mountains

Pilot Roy Ellis-Brown, left, and co-pilot James Dwyer on the way back from Iran to England

Wreckage of war at Castel Benito, Tripoli

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